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Dec 23, 2013 03:38 PM

Le Creuset off white vs. the sand interior?

All my pieces are the sand finished interiors but I have one piece which is a gratin which has the lighter, off white finish that I haven't used as yet. Is this lighter interior more fragile than the sand color? Does it stain easier or require more care? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't noticed any difference in performance or care requirements. Mine have not stained at all, but I really only bake items in them like gratins and cobblers that cover the whole bottom. I know others here have posted using it on the stove top and roasting fish and chicken in it.

    1. MY LC is white and I haven't had any issues with permanent staining. When my brazier is over filled and bubbles over the side, the little burn streaks take some elbow grease to remove with a sponge and dish soap.

      The darker interiors don't show a little left behind browned fat, dairy, flour, etc. as easily as the lighter shades do but, they both cook and clean the same.

      1. I've had my white 11qt oval Le Creuset for 16 years. It has some discoloration in the bottom third of the pan, but that's from years of tomato sauces, gumbos, and stews. The staining doesn't bother me, but if it does bother you then definitely look for the darker interior.

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          I was going to say...I would think that stains on the inside would be proudly-won battle scars!

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              When I'm browsing Salvation Army or Goodwill, I always want to adopt the pans that are stained and dinged-up but still very serviceable -- I figure those not-very-pretty old pans were well-loved and used regularly.

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            had some staining on my mother's le creuset from 1955... yup, still cooking in it. i hit it with BKF and the stains are history now.

            le creuset rocks.