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Dec 23, 2013 02:38 PM

Had any "First"s lately?

I am making a Buche de Noel for Christmas this year and I just made a Chocolate Genoise for it. It is my first flour-less cake and it came out PERFECT!! I am so happy!
Have any of you had a cooking first lately?

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  1. I was watching a rerun of Unique Eats the other day and caught what was described as a farro porridge. It had bits of dried fruit, dried nuts, maple syrup, olive oil, some Indian soy snacks and topped with Greek plain yogurt. I recreated it for lunch today and it was really tasty.

    1. Let see. I went to Toronto and had my first Izakaya experience. (Previously I went to one in Philly, but I don't think that was a real Izakaya).

      I also made my first baked tapico pudding a few days ago. It is still a working progress. I will give it a 7/10 if I am generous or a 6/10 if I am harsh. It is definitely eatable, but it is not as good as the one I had in a Toronto Dim Sum restaurant.

      The below photo is from the restaurant in Toronto.

      Oh yes, I also made my first wonton batch about a month ago. The second batch was made just a week ago. They turned out to be very good. I made my first shark fin soup this evening which was also excellent. I give those about 8-9 out of 10.

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          Had risotto for the first time at a tapas bar the other night.
          Now I get why people like it so much. Going to attempt it in the New Year.

      1. I cooking my first goose today albeit just the breasts. My dad often hunted geese so growing up we lots of roasted goose but I don't recall him ever cooking just the breasts. Looking forward to it!

        1. I tried liver pate for the first time. Amazing.

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            This is eating and not cooking, but I actually had this experience last night myself. However, amazing isn't the word I would use. Taste-wise, it was ok (just ok, wasn't bad but nothing I would trip all over myself for), but I apparently just don't much care for the texture of pureed meat. I see people on here go completely ga-ga when people ask what to do with livers or if they have extra pate. I just don't see the fuss.

            Another first last night was herring (in the form of a salad that appeared to have some julienned beets and potatoes and a sour cream base). I enjoyed the herring salad far more than I enjoyed the duck liver pate.

            In terms of making things, I've recently had several firsts: polenta (delicious, but time consuming), kheer (delicious), gajar halwa (delicious, though I may seek a different recipe next time as the one I used didn't create the texture I was seeking), and paneer (easier than I thought).

          2. My man fucked up instructions for chocolate whipped cream recently that was meant as a topping for a no-bake peanut butter pie.....and ended up with a bowl of chocolate ganache: et voilĂ  -- truffles.

            He's making them again for Boxing Day to bring to a potluck. Whoda tunk they'd be so damn easy to make, yet people are super-impressed. Win/win.