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Dec 23, 2013 01:50 PM

Seeking Advice for Authentic, Slightly Hipster Italian in Philly?

Hi All,
I've got one night in Philly this week for my best friend's birthday, and I'm looking for a fantastic, low-key Italian restaurant in the city. Not looking for overly fancy or snobby, just amazing, authentic Italian in a cool atmosphere with an ever so slightly hipster vibe. Any and all recommendations most welcome. Thanks so much!

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  1. L'Angolo - you can;t go wrong there - everything is delicious

    1. it's not my town, (and I think Philly is a really great place) but the words "authentic" and "hipster" in the same phrase amused me. not that they have to be mutually exclusive, it's just that they so often are.

      1. Amis probably fits the bill. Trendy scene and decor but respected for the food. Not totally low key as it's quite loud, but there isn't a bar scene or anything.

        Also check out Le Virtu. Great food and has a foodie type vibe, if not overly trendy. Similarly Modo Mio might fit, small space gives it energy but not much in the way of atmosphere. Great food as well.

        1. Agree with hill food; not sure regarding the hipster vide and authentic. Little Nonna's is fun and busy with mixed customer age groups and interesting variations on authentic Italian American food; but hipster, perhaps not.

          1. I would go Modo Mio or Monsu. Unassuming and good flavors. Byo to boot. Amis is a good suggestion. Not a fan of Little Nonna's. Trendy cramped and mediocre overpriced food might be hipster but I personally would want more.

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              As cw probably has a better understanding of the term hipster than do I; I would go with his suggestions. Although I do not agree with the characterization of Little Nonna's as mediocore overpriced food. I was able to find, for the benefit of those like me who may not have a definition of hipster, this definition. An insult, who knew?


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                Big second for Modo Mio (if you can get a reservation). I liked Monsu but IMHO Modo Mio is better.