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Dec 23, 2013 01:13 PM

No Luna Bread in Portland?

I am so sad. Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Portland and just read that the baker in the back of Micucci's is no longer there. Is he baking elsewhere? I have been avidly looking forward to my Luna bread fix. :(

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  1. They're still doing luna bread as well as the slabs at Mucucci. I think the slabs are a tad different (very subtle) but the Luna tastes the same. Quite the saga with the split. The baker will be opening a restaurant in the next few months. There's an interesting interview with him on the eater maine web site.

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      Thx very much for the info. Very interesting situation, hope he has a good lawyer. Good to hear about his new place!

    2. Here's a story on this:

      I personally was not a fan of Lanzalotta's overly puffy white bread creations. Head to Standard Baking on Commercial Street for real bread. Or Scratch in South Portland.

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        I'm actually a fan of most things Mucucci - the whole shop. I'm sure there are many who go for a slab and never try anything else. I wholeheartedly agree with Standard - if the OP has never been, it should be a must stop. Scratch is great as well although I don't think it's necessarily worth the special trip if you're staying in Portland. Standard, I think bread, pastries. Scratch, I think bagels and great sandwiches. Yes, there's a lot more at both but that's what I'm usually hitting up.

      2. Thanks for the additional recommendations. I have been to Standard and it is great, but I still crave my occasional Luna bread fix! I've had the slab and although I like the thick crust, I think the sauce is too sweet and that kind of ruins it for me.