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Dec 23, 2013 01:07 PM

Where to eat in Boston: Financial, Seaport, Theater District?


Looks like I'll be up in Boston for about 4 days next month.

I do like Rock Bottom burgers, but it is getting old.

ATK was pretty good, but been there done that.

Remy's was a TOTAL disappointment, and overrpiced.

Haven't lved in the area in a long time, so i am looking to you guys to show me what i am missing.

Dinner ought to be under $40 (no drinks).

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  1. I would suggest one of the newest places in the Seaport District on Congress St called Row 34. It is owned by the same team that owns Eastern Standard Kitchen and Island Creek Oyster Bar. They are advertising Row 34 as "a working man's oyster bar". Check out thei web site for the menu offerings.

    1. China King, Taiwan Cafe, or Peach Farm in Chinatown
      Les Zygomates in Leather District
      Tavern Road or Sportello or Blue Dragon, Fort Point Channel
      JM Curley (no better burger)
      Kingston Station (OK, nice space, not as good as others listed above)
      Teatro (haven't been in a long time, but it was good)