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Dec 23, 2013 11:48 AM

Best new in Delray Beach

Anything new and worth a visit in Delray Beach?
Any price, any cuisine.

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  1. If you are a fan of Casa D'Angelo in Boca, as I am, you might like D'Angelo Pizza, Wine Bar and Tapas that recently opened in the Shoppes at Addison Place.

    1. Mussel Beach just opened Friday. It's a concept I've heard of elsewhere - mussels prepared about 15 different ways. I have not been yet. At previous site of Rotelli (same mgmt. team I believe). I am not expecting anything amazing, but it might be a nice option once in a while. We'll see.

      El Camino will be opening any day now. From the Park Tavern folks. I have high hopes for this Mexican / Tequila bar concept, next to The Office on NE 2nd. It sure is a very nice room and a gorgeous bar, perhaps the nicest in Delray. Hopefully the food will be as good.

      Saltwater Brewery will also be opening any day now. No food - and another spot that's going to be easy on the eyes based on previews I've seen. The million dollar question will be - is the beer any good?

      Then there's 3rd and 3rd but I try to keep that to myself. Mostly its a cool little hideaway with an excellent vibe.

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      1. re: CFByrne

        No food at Saltwater Brewery? That's a shame, we were hoping for a local place to eat that was not downtown.

        1. re: smartie

          I'd actually rather they did one thing great... than several so-so.

          It's been a massive enough operation installing a complete brewery plus front of the house bar / serving. Adding a restaurant as well ... well maybe later. They'll have food trucks I believe... which can be a nice way to try all the different types that are out there.

          In breaking news... they are indeed opening soon: Tomorrow they will be announcing the specific date.

          1. re: smartie

            Breweries that serve their own beer are not permitted under FL law to serve food. Hence the food trucks.

            1. re: GWRyan

              Right. And in related news... they open at noon today.

          2. re: CFByrne

            The beers that I've sampled at Saltwater Brewery were extremely well made. They're full of flavor and well balanced. I reviewed them on my blog:

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