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Dec 23, 2013 09:58 AM

Candy canes in NW London?

Last minute (desperate) request for help --

Does anyone know where I can find candy canes in NW London (preferably belsize or hampstead)?

When my boys wake up on Christmas morning, a candy cane hanging on their bed signals that Santa has visited in the night. This is our first Christmas in London and I cannot find candy canes anywhere! They have been talking about that magic moment all week so I would love to find them somewhere if possible ...

I have looked at all of the major groceries - Tesco, several Sainsburys, Waitrose, M & S, etc.

Thank you from me and 2 little boys who still believe!!!

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  1. I'm sure I've seen them at the TK MAXX in Wembley. Not sure if there's a closer one but would assume so.

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      Ugh, Was just there last week and didn't think to look for candy canes. Thank you!

    2. Try calling Whole Foods in Camden. The one in Kensington definitely had them.

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        Great idea! Will stop by tomorrow am. Thank you!

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            The Camden Whole Foods had sold out. An amazing worker there called all of the London WFs for me - Stoke was the only store with candy canes in stock. Sadly, I did not have time to make all the way there yesterday.

            By a stroke of luck, an American friend had a couple of extras last night and shared them. So, the boys got their Christmas miracle.

            Whole Foods has won my undying loyalty for their willingness to help a desperate mom!

            Thank you to everyone for the replies! Next year, I am buying them in early December ...

            Merry Christmas!!

            1. re: sfotsfr

              You might find this website useful for American sweets and the like:

      2. I had the same problem over in N8 at least a week ago. Nothing in the majors. One friend said they'd seen some in Muswell Hill 99p. Someone ended up bringing a jar into work for me, sourced from TK Maxx as well.

        Hope you managed to find some - online all I saw available were Willy Wonka crazy flavours.