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Dec 23, 2013 08:43 AM

Ramen: Toki v. Daikaya

Finally got around to trying Toki -- the tonkatsu ramen, for lunch. Very nice, tasty bowl of soup. I'd get it again if in the area. But not remotely worth an hour+ wait and, more to the point, not nearly as good, IMHO, as Daikaya, which has better veggies, better pork, and much better noodles. Of course, they are apples and oranges in terms of ramen styles, and if your taste runs to the unctuous richness of tonkatsu, then Toki might be more your cup of . . . soup. But for me, Daikaya is it. (Ren's, too, which I'd rank between the two. And the Taro lunch special . . . .)

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  1. Kimchi ramen is the way to go at Toki. The plain tonkatsu is not a fine example of the genre. Agree that Daikaya is otherwise better, especially the miso ramen.

    1. Sorry to nitpick, but it's tonkOtsu (broth derived from pork bones). Tonkatsu is fried pork cutlet served with rice, sauce, and shredded cabbage.

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        Oh, that explains a lot . . . . ;-)

        Sorry about that -- believe it or not, I did know the porky difference!

      2. I vote for Toki! I like Daikaya and Ren's also, but Toki is by far the deepest, spiciest and most daring.
        Next week, in New York, I'm going to try Ivan's Ramen.

        1. I may have a biased opinion because I have a deep love of the people and atmosphere at Toki Underground (especially around 5 o'clock when they aren't slammed) But I do prefer their ramen. The flavors are deeper, and more developed. Traditional ramen is in no way a health consious dish to begin with, and I do come mentally prepared for a heavy feeling meal. With all this in mind if you are looking for a lighter more... white bread ramen while still feeling and tasting fairly traditional Daikaya is probably for you. I like both and depending on where I am, but I do think the trek out and down H street is worth it for Toki.

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            The different versions of ramen at each place make it difficult to throw out blanket statements.