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Dec 23, 2013 08:00 AM

Two New Openings.

Memphis Joe's BBQ on Rt 53 Weymouth (old Martini's location).
YoCha's frozen yogurt and tea on the corner of Hancock and Billings in N. Quincy. Have not been to either, but would like to hear from a CH who has.

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  1. I would be curious about Memphis Joes. It would be fabulousto have a decent bbq in this area. While I haven't been to YoCha I do see people going in and out but it doesn't seem busy. Frozen yogurt this time of year doesn't really interest me but it would probably be nice to try their teas.

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      If you want acceptable BBQ, Tennessee's in Braintree is not bad.

    2. Wrote quickly about Yocha on the December openings thread. Had a juice and a dessert there. Juice was very good (mango, pomelo smoothie) though the mango bits are cut to about the same size as the straw opening, experiencing major blockage - kind of annoying.

      Their dessert menu is limited and not quite as extensive as a true dessert place in HK. I had a tofu pudding with black sesame soup - interesting combination and not bad for a snack. I just had a feeling it was taking the instant kind and pouring it over some tofu pudding. My friend had the salted caramel frozen yogurt and said it was very good.

      1. Good to hear. Will give it a try soon.