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Dec 23, 2013 07:24 AM

Brick oven Italian breads--Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge

Need to buy a whole bunch of loaves of breads for a Christmas gathering and looking for a suitable bakery open on Christmas morning. Have used Royal Crown in the past and willing to go back, but looking for other ideas. Having some nice cakes and cookies a real plus.
Where do other hounds buy their Italian breads?

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  1. Rimini on Bay Parkway is open 365 days a year and has some great bread and pastry.

    1. I really love the bread at Il fornaretto on 17th Ave around 76th St (west side) I think it strikes a great balance with a crisp crust and a great crumb. The thick long loaves, semolina and their focaccias are all great. Some cookies, but most places in Brooklyn that do great bread ae not big on cookies.
      Royal Crown is still making good breat but limited sweets in their 14th Ave (63rd St) storefront. They were selling some killer stuffed baked figs (different recipe from past) but no chestnut bread, no house baked pannetone and only a few cookies.
      Napoli in Williamsburgh is also good