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Dec 23, 2013 07:12 AM

'Tapas' in Duncan

A bunch of us went to the Travelodge Hotel and had the 'Tapas' in The Old Forge restaurant.
They were EXCELLENT!
Not sure on which evenings they are offered.
If you've had tapas in Spain and tasted that special something you'll get the same nuanced flavors at the Old Forge.
The chef came out and said hello. Very 'genuine' vibe.
All round excellent evening.
Delicious olives!

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    1. that's the former Silver Bridge Inn is it?

      across from what used to be the property where the "infamous" Village Green was located?

      not sure. haven't been to duncan in yrs

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        That's right!
        So how do YOU know about the 'Village Green'? LOL!
        Back in my 'bad old days' when I was moored in Cowichan Bay it was a 'few' at the 'Green' then a direct walk to the 'Tsu' for a few more then back to the 'Green' and get the picture.
        Remember the 'Tsu'?

        1. re: Puffin3

          well, back in the late 70's - there was the Zoo (Tzouhalem) downtown - and that other one on the other side of the RR tracks (the national or something)

          and over by the Silver Bridge Inn - there was Romeo's pizza AND a Mr Mikes steak place - we were able to get off-sales and sit on the loading dock at back of Safeway and drink our couple of beers or whatever we could score!

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            The bar across the tracks from the 'Zoo' was the Commercial. You had to be one bad-ass to walk into any of those bars back then.
            Off the boat. A couple in Cow. Bay on the boat. Taxi to the Zoo then move from the Green to the Commercial to the Zoo all walking (staggering) distance. Cab back to the boat.
            Untie at four AM. Back in a week or so to do it again.
            Romeo's still makes the best pizza in town.
            Mr. Mikes is long gone.