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Dec 23, 2013 06:39 AM


Okay, I don't get about leeks. If you use only the white part as recipes tell you, well, you only have about one inch of leek. And the white starts melding into the green so how far down into the green can you go? Like when it is partly white and green, is that okay? I get lots of leeks from my CSA and when I use them, I can never decide how far down I should go. I noticed that parts of my soup or braise is tough, little fibrous bits that stick in your teeth. I get it that the green part is tougher and should be chopped finer. But my basic question is this: the green melds into the white, so how far down should you go?

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  1. I use up into the lighter green. I can usually distinctly see where the lighter green transitions to that leathery/fibrous texture in the darker green zone, which will never soften up.

    1. I use well up into the dark green leaves for most dishes, though I do peel the outer one or two leaves. The darker part gets sauteed first, then I add the lighter part...never had a problem with fibrous bits sticking in my teeth.

      1. This time of year, the central core of leeks, even in the white part, tends to be woody. That may be the source of the fibrous bits.

        1. I use up through the yellow/pale green. I thrown the rest in a freezer bag and use it when I make chicken stock.

          1. We had a ton of leeks due to grocery store overshopping and i made these the other night- stupid easy and a surprising side veggie:

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              oh this brought back a happy memory. visiting my friends in Manhatten, they worked in tv, no time to cook. I made dinner every night I was there. Chicken w/40 cloves of garlic and braised leeks in vinagrette, salad and an apple tart.
              thanks for reminding me - i'm getting some leeks today.