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Dec 23, 2013 05:22 AM

Closing night at Famous Luigi's

The thing I'll miss the most is the surly wait staff. And the pizza. Not as good as AV's, though.

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  1. Never had the pizza but I love the red sauce Italian-American thing. I'm guessing that, in the city, it's left to Pasta Mia

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    1. re: DCRat

      Bistro Italiano is still decent, particularly the white pizza. They've been around for quite a while as well.

    2. According to the article, we foodies (if you agree with that tag) are to blame ... the public is abandoning the "old standards" and flocking to newer upscale restos.

      1. That is so sad! I remember eating there all the time in college

        1. That is really the end of an era. Went there as a college student back inb the 70's.