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Dec 22, 2013 11:25 PM

Out & About in SD...Day 2

The zoo was on tap for today so we had breakfast at Great Maple. Parking sucks on farmers market day for the restaurant. Since we'd had the maple bacon donuts last time (tasty but heavy), we opted for the powdered beignets with lemon curd, which we like quite a bit. My coffee arrived cold but was quickly replaced after I told a bus boy. Not sure who is providing their coffee, but even hot I wasn't that thrilled with it. Strong but not terribly smooth or mellow.

We had...a decrowned popover that had been filled with brisket and 2poached eggs. It came accompanied with more fingerling potatoes than any sane person could eat. The brisket was tender and the eggs poached well. The popover? They also do a hash with the brisket that was well received by the person that ordered it. There are 4 scramble combinations on the menu and the one with bacon and mozz was a hit this morning. The chilaquiles came bathed in a good salsa verde and garnished with avo and sour cream. Portions were generous, tho' not as overwhelming as Hash House. The chilaquiles an the brisket hash are served in large stainless mixing bowls.

But a big, hearty breakfast means you can spend hours walking all over the zoo and not have to worry about eating all day. Water, however, was another story. 1/2 liter bottles of water ranged from $3.19 - $3.99 in the zoo. I can confirm that the drinking fountains scattered around the zoo are in fine working order and that the San Diego city water coming out of them tasted just fine as well.

For dinner we ended up a Fish Public. First let me say I absolutely love the interior make over of the old Ken Grill. It's fresh, airy and relaxed with a beachy/fishing theme that isn't in your face or kitschy. The menu is short as is the wine list and neither is particularly inspired. The escolar severed on top of a carrot puree was very nice, the halibut fish and chips kind of boring and the half a Mary's chicken with arugula pesto...well, not all the pieces were cooked all the way through. Sides of Brussels Sprouts, salad and mashed potatoes were good. We skipped dessert because none of the choices appealed.

We ordered a bottle of tempranillo (from Spain) that proved to be not very good. In fact, we ended up sending it back because while we weren't sure it was corked, it was pretty clear it wasn't really drinkable. The Pinot we replaced it with pretty decent and way more drinkable.

Not sure I'd do Great Maple again. Too much food and a little too heavy but not a bad choice before a day at the zoo. In spite of the so-so food and crappy bottle of wine at Fish Public I am willing to give them at least 1 more shot.

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  1. I really love chilaquiles and my cherida makes them for me sometimes -- absolutely wonderful. I've never heard of them being served in a big bowl, though.

    Fish Public is an enigma. I don't quite get it. I've been twice. Personally, I think they they need to have more FISH on the menu.

    Love a good tempranillo. Alarmed (disappointed, concerned?) to hear that you were served a poor one at Fish Public.

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      My querida says I spelled this wrong and had better correct it -- or no mistletoe for me!

      Merry Christmas, all. And Happy Dining. And...hang in there, DD.

    2. If you can go to pacific beach, and like sushi... go to Sushi Ota. Not the nicest location and a little pricy... but oh so good

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        Oh we can go to PB, but the family I am dining with doesn't "do" sushi...

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Yeah, we ordered Ahi sashimi and a beautiful Kobe beef carpaccio as apps for the table at Romesco last night, only to hear from our guests (family - who apparently didn't know what the words sashimi and carpaccio meant) that they don't eat raw fish or meat. Oh well, more for us.

          1. re: foodiechick

            I feel your pain ;-).

            At least my family does know the meaning of those words and are not shy about why they will or won't eat. Will be dropping a small fortune at Catalina tomorrow for stone crab claws and U-15 shrimp.

            Did your dinner also include a rousing, spirited and somewhat aggressive "discussion" about the NSA spying scandal which morphed into an even more spirited discussion in which the Baby Boomers at the table were passionately trying to educate the 25 and unders at the table about the increasing encroachment on personal freedom and liberty and why they should be concerned.

            And you guys wonder why my comments are sometimes a little acerbic...;-) Now, you know

      2. Great report with very insightful commentary.

        I always appreciate and like to mentally file away the details of reports about recent meals from CH posters in order to recall them when I have to make decisions about "Where to Eat Out When Entertaining Out-of-Town Visitors and Trying-to-Keep-Everyone-Happy".

        You are doing a great job of keeping on moving forward in a positive manner while coping with a very difficult time.