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Dec 22, 2013 10:20 PM

Rehearsal Dinner recommendations

LA Hound would like your recommendations for a rehearsal dinner for 50 people for a wedding. Half of the guests are honolulu area residents and half from the mainland. About 20 people are experienced with good restaurants, but the others care very little about food and would probably be more impressed with ambiance. I'd love to find a spot that would give me impressive enough quality to keep the 20 happy until I can deal with them the next night ( I'l deal with that in the next post) but I'd rather not break the bank with a 'foodie" restaurant when the majority would be happier with a good steak. An atmospheric location would also be great. I'd love to keep this in the $75-100 per person range, but having a good experience with "bang for the buck" is more important than the cost. We will be staying in the Waikiki area, but cars are available if the location warrants it. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    1. re: macaraca

      there used to be a private dining room at the Hau Tree, not sure if that is still in operation. It would be worth checking. I'd also consider Nico's. They could section off one area of the dining room, if you think most of the guests would appreciate fish. Im told the braised short ribs are excellent too. Hokus at the Kahala might fit the bill, but it might be best saved for the next night, and cheek on macaraca's suggestion of 12th ave for the rehearsal dinner, although I think 50 might be pushing it for their private room.

    2. Suggest you consider Vino, which features tapas usually using/featuring local ingredients and an extensive wine list.
      The restaurant itself is often closed for private parties. It is located in Restaurant Row, which is not far from Waikiki.