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Dec 22, 2013 09:11 PM

Phuket 6 Nights

My Wife and I will be on our honeymoon and would love some restaurant recommendations. We are staying at the Surin Phuket. I understand that Phuket is very touristy, but would love some great, local options close to the hotel. If there is a special restaurant worth driving to that is Ok also.

Thank you

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  1. Sorry to say that it's going to be a bit hot and miss. I am in Phuket for Christmas and am taking a very laid back approach.

    The big luxury hotels can have good Royal Thai food (but you need to ensure they up the spice level as it can be neutered for western tastes) but this is a bit of a lottery (and they are expensive).

    Likewise the shacks on the beach can be very good, and usually safe. However, if they are near a hotel then the chances are they neuter the spicing as well so ask for it spicy. They are all cash only but quite cheap, the better ones may have live fish/prawns in tanks to be bbq'd over coconut husks which can be good.

    So far my only standout has been some fish cakes at a beach shack up at Khao Lak (a long drive), these were so much better than any I had before. However, at the same place the prawns has a wooly texture and the noodles very average.

    That said we are in all four of the beach shacks and all were OK and enjoyable: bare feet in the sand, a languid sunset, a warm balmy night, litres of a Chang beer at 100 baht, and tasty if not great food is hard to beat.

    We have our big blow out meal later in the week (Aziamendi) and I will report back - it's a bit Iof a hike from the Surin so may not be practicle. Driving in Phuket is slow and so going a short distance takes a lot longer than you think.