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Cassoulet in YYC?

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Are there any restaurants in Calgary serving cassoulet? Having an intense craving for the magical dish.

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  1. Avec Bistro? Cassis Bistro?

    1. Fleur de Sel??

      1. L'Epicerie has it on their bistro menu

        1. Fleur de Sel does. It's delicious.

          1. I've ordered cassoulet at both Avec Bistro and Brasserie Kensington. While both were adequate, I'm certainly not dying to order it again at either restaurant. If I recall correctly, the beans were undercooked and somewhat chalky at both places. Could just be bad luck on my part...

            1. Fleur de Sel has my vote!

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                I second that!

              2. Ratatouille Bistro in Britannia also serves it.