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Dec 22, 2013 07:44 PM

Canadian Chef looking for the spot to eat! [San Francisco]

Hi there, I'm heading south from Tofino, BC, CA soon and passing through SF for one night. Looking for some suggestions for where I should eat my one, hopefully memorable, SF meal! Something not too pretentious, but with great food. Something that a Canadian PNW Chef would appreciate! Thanks for the help!

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  1. If Canteen was still open I would have directed you there for sure, knowing the Tofino scene a little bit. There are so many great options in the Bay Area, perhaps you could add a bit more detail about what type of cuisine you are looking for. When we come to SF from Vancouver, we try to focus on things we can't get at home, like Lao or Burmese food, or regional Italian like La Ciccia, but of course there are also wonderful NorCal, locavore focused places at your disposal too, such as Café Panisse (still dreaming about the nettle pizza we had there).

    Also might be important what day you are coming and how far down the road. Are you willing to wait in line, or would you prefer resos? Stuff like that, there :-).

    ETA: if it has reopened after the remodel/expansion by the time you go, consider Outerlands. I think it might appeal to a Tofino chef.

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      Thanks for the help. I'm flying in, just have a planned 20 hour layover for a quick peek of the city, so the plan is to stay pretty central. Given the time frame, lineups are pretty much a non starter and reservations would be ideal.

      As far as types of cuisine I'm looking for, there's nothing too specific. Real food that is fairly indicative of the area is what I want. Great street food wouldn't be out of the question. Same goes for a hole in the wall that serves great food!

    2. Which day of the week?

      "Real food that is fairly indicative of the area "

      Zuni Cafe.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I wanted to say Zuni, Robert, but we still haven't made it there after all these trips. Silly but there it is. Certainly seems like a good fit for the OP.

        I wonder if there are any industry hangouts that he might enjoy for later on in the evening. I've heard Oola caters late night to many resto folk, for example, but I've not been.

        1. re: grayelf

          After 10pm, also Lers Ros, Nopa, Wayfare Tavern, Hog & Rocks. I would say Comstock Saloon, but I haven't been there since the chef change.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            We get in Saturday afternoon and leave Sunday at noon.

            Awesome, thanks for all the ideas. Zuni might be the winner! A late night industry place would also be great to go check out - we might just have to hit up a few different spots on our brief visit!

      2. whatever you do (not that i think you would), do not order poutine if you see it on a menu. it's embarrassing how such a great food city can't get such a simple dish right