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Dec 22, 2013 07:25 PM

Masala Kitchen Express coming soon to Marlboro

So, you may have heard of Masala Kitchen in Morganville/Marlboro (though the address is actually Englishtown) on Rt. 9 North in the Renaissance Plaza.. well, they went out of business.. not sure why.. maybe business was slow and they couldn't make the rent. I found out about the closure through Yelp.

So I saw this sign the other day (small plaza just before Costco, on Rt. 9 North) Coming Soon - Masala Kitchen Express. Apparently going in where there was formerly a Papa John's pizza (no great loss there.. out of the pizza chains, I find theirs to be the worst of the bunch), Masala Kitchen is being reincarnated (pun fully intended).

They have a Facebook presence, but no website that I could detect - though the old one for the restaurant is still active ..

So, is it new? Kinda sorta. At least it's a restaurant. And it's not Italian.

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