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Dec 22, 2013 07:18 PM

Not festive enough?

Ok, so here is my dilemma - this year for Christmas we only have my sister in law, her husband and our best friends (couple with a 5year old) over. Nothing formal - just the 6 of us and last minute celebration.

I usually cook huge holiday dinners with lots and lots of food. This year I wanted to take it easy. I have many grass finished blade steaks in the freezer. I was thinking of cutting them up, and making a beef stew, serving over mashed potatoes with some roasted veggies, green salad, etc. Now, my husband keeps saying its not festive enough and I should at a very least be making a roast...what do you think? Am I crazy for wanting to use up those blade steaks for holiday dinner?

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  1. It sounds like a lovely meal, but I agree that it doesn't sound very festive. I tend to agree with your husband about a roast. And, IMO, a roast is less work than a stew, and the same sides will work well.

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      I agree. Plus, the steaks may be too lean for optimal braising. Get a spiral-sliced glazed ham. All you'll need to do is heat it up. Roast sweet potatoes and either redskinned or Yukon Gold potatoes along with your other roast vegetables.

      1. re: greygarious

        I would, but we had ham, mashed potatoes and corn for diner tonight :(
        I just looked at my freezer list (I only buy meat from the farm in bulk) and I have these roasts:
        cross rib
        sirloin tip
        They are all smaller size, so I am thinking of making 2. Now I need to decide which one and how to make it :)

      1. I think it sounds like a fantastic meal (I've routinely done chicken and dumplings for Thanksgiving instead of one has ever complained, to my face at least, about a delicious home-cooked meal they didn't have to put one ounce of work into or clean up for not being "festive enough"). I honestly don't think a roast is any more or less festive than beef stew - it's a lot of the same elements.

        If you want to add a bit of festive flair, do it with dessert or simmer some homemade hot chocolate (with a toppings bar...marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed candy canes, peppermint schnapps) or some spiced cider in a crockpot.

        1. The meal sounds lovely. Go for a big festive desert and bubbly for the grown ups. Give the 5 year old his/her own "bubbly" with a fruit juice club soda combo.

          And as an aside, as the cook in our home, if he thinks this isn't festive enough, he's welcome to try. This line might have been used once or twice around here. . .

          1. Subjective. I would welcome ABT: Anything But Turkey. Have never braised cut-up blade steaks, but would certainly enjoy trying them. To some, *festive* connotes an aristocratic roast (wild game would be my preference). Yet I have had enough disappointments to maybe prefer some serious home cooking. IMO.