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Dec 22, 2013 06:52 PM

Kosher Indian Spices

Looking for Authentic Kosher Indian Spices via internet or Baltimore area

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  1. What do you need? Whole spices don't need a hechsher at all. The Spice House online carries many Indian spices; make sure to specify that they should be packed from the Milwaukee location, which is under the va'ad of Wisconsin.

    1. I've used Bombay Brand pastes before and thought they were quite good ( You have to order them online. Their dry spice mixes don't have a hechsher.

      1. I don't know if they would have exactly what you are looking for, but I've found lots of great Indian spices at Whole Foods.

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          Fairway also has an amazing spice collection. Most, but not all, have the OU.

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            OP is looking for something near Baltimore or online.

            I'd second whole foods for a lot of things. Are you looking to build a collection or specific spices?

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              Oops, missed the Baltimore reference.

          1. Actually one of the best sources of spices is Vann's Spices 6105 Oakleaf Ave. Baltimore, MD 21215 Phone:(800)583-1693 Website: Makers of non-irradiated and chemical-free spices. All (or almost all under hashgacha of OU)