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Dec 22, 2013 06:10 PM

Cuban restaurant - Versailles or somewhere else

Spending one night in Miami near airport. Looking for really good Cuban food. Should we go to Versailles, or is there somewhere else you recommend?

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  1. A block from the Marriott complex on Le June road, 11th ave. next to the pawn shop, not sabor latino....cannot remember the name, but the food was real good and reasonable.

    1. I highly suggest Versailles.....If you haven't been's a Miami / Little Havana landmark....It's an institution....Cuban restaurants are a dime-a-dozen in Miami....and most of them are very good....The food at Versailles is very good as well.....The place usually has a great vibe.....Fun place to belly up to the outside counter and enjoy a shot of Cuban coffee.....and then head inside for ropa vieja, masas de Puerco, vaca frita, black beans n rice, etc......

      Rather inexpensive....excellent service......You don't want to go to just any "joint"....go to Versailles....and enjoy the experience....

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      1. Thanks, Phreddy and LargeLife! Looking forward to great Cuban food!

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          The location I noted is adjacent to the airport.

        2. Versailles is an institution - they have expanded over the years and now attract tour buses and lines out the door. The food is fine but not particularly special.

          After my last visit (first time in many years) I decided it would be my last, although I do like the bakery that is attached, you can get savory and sweet baked goods to go.

          My friend recommended Puerto Sagua, but I have not been.
          ankimo posted this in an old thread:

          Versailles for the classic cuban ambiance inundation
          La Carreta for the Denny's cuban experience
          Las Culebrinas for the more upscale appearing cuban
          Havana Harry's for local popular cuban
          Larios for Ocean Drive kinda cuban, go for Casa Larios instead
          David's cafe for off Lincoln road expensive cuban
          Puerto Sagua for most popular tourist's cuban place
          Islas Canarias for less talked about good cuban
          Sergio's for homestyle cuban
          El Nuevo Siglo for cuban in a supermarket
          Little Havana NMB for off the beaten path cuban
          Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop
          of course, many other places as well...

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          1. re: silverlainy

            For one night in Miami, I wouldn't recommend Puerto Sagua. I really enjoy the food there and it's very reasonably priced but it's more of a diner type atmosphere, not a place to go out of your way to get Cuban. I'm looking forward to eating at Versailles on my next trip. Helpful list!

            1. re: silverlainy

              Yesterday I visited Islas Canarias in West side of Miami. I had masas de puerco with rice. It was delicious. I strongly recommend it. Not located in a touristic place, but worth the visit. Good and fast service as well.