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Dec 1, 2005 12:19 AM

(AUS) Huong Giang

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I didn't try any of the great sounding menu items already discussed (Shrimp paste around sugar cane, fried frog with citronella, etc)

I'm a little hoarse, so I tried a non pho soup (the pho choices were slim).
The owner asked if we wanted it as soup or dry. We said soup, he said he'd bring it on the side. I am still unsure how it is usually eaten.

Two large bowls arrived. One a spicy soup, beef broth, tasted as if made with tripe (and perhaps other innards). It contained many chunks of tripe and meat. It was very tasty.

The other bowl contained a large pile of yellow noodles, some boiled pork, shrimp, some kind of seafood (crab) cake, sesame crackers, fried pork rind, bean sprouts, some kind og shredded mushrooms and chopped lettuce and mint.

It was served with limes and a small dish of chopped habanero.

The gentleman instructed us to pour the soup over the noodles and to mix it up. I think he was happy to have customers and surprised that it was a cracker and an Irishman. The place was empty. Sadly.

I loved it. It influenced me to do some research on Hue cuisine. I have a lot of things on that menu left to try. (Everything except the durian drink. I hate that damn "fruit")

So, go. (Near Shalimar and the Mongolian barbecue.)
It's worth it.
I love North Lamar

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  1. I came very close to going there the other night, but sadly, we went to Trudy's instead. I wasn't hungry enough anyway, so that's perfect for Trudy's.

    I had a viet "soup" with "dry noodles" recently at the Tea House. Normally, I think that the Tea House is just okay, but this dish was better. It came out dy in a bowl with a side of broth. The waiter instructed me to *not* pour the broth into the soup, but to take bites of the noodle part and then drink the broth. It worked out well.

    We're trying of of the vietnamese places in town, so I'll get to Huong Giang soon and reply again.

    1. j
      Jim Washburn

      I've been to HG once; it was maybe six weeks ago. Had the Hue-style pho. That's my only experience in a Hue-style place, so I can't comment on authenticity. The soup was good, to be sure, but on the whole, I think I much prefer the Saigon-style pho. Yesterday,e.g., I had the large no. 1 (eye round, flank, brisket, tripe, tendon) at Tan Tan. That's the best pho I've ever eaten. Anyway, back to what I had at HG: the noodles are thicker and shorter, the broth meatier and less herby; the table salad is mostly cabbage, which is fine, but not as good (to me) as mint/ngo gai/basil/cilantro. The one thing I liked best was the minced habanero. Much more flavorful and zingy than the usual jalapeƱos. I do intend to go back to HG and try some other things.