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Dec 22, 2013 03:47 PM

New(ish) ice cream shop in Scottsdale

I was pleased but puzzled when a friend told me there was a new ice cream parlor in Old Town Scottsdale. I've been to the ones I consider the "big three" - Sugar Bowl, Mary Coyle, and MacAlpine (let me know if I'm missing others!) - but I couldn't recall seeing anything at Scottsdale and Fifth Avenue. It's called Petersen's, and it turns out that it's tucked away without adequate signage at 7150 East Fifth Avenue.

So naturally I tried a hot fudge sundae. Not bad. It certainly has more exotic ice creams than the Sugar Bowl, but Petersen's sundaes are stingier, while not being cheap. It's not at all relaxing inside (and too noisy!), so people all seem to sit outside. Personally, I still prefer the casual out-dated traditional versions and atmosphere of Sugar Bowl, but some of Petersen's ice cream flavors are very interesting, and they're generous with tastes.

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