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Dec 22, 2013 03:18 PM

Anyone eaten at Lavender in Sudbury? Thinking of going there Xmas Day

We were planning on going to Lotus Blossom, but it's booked the entire day. Has anyone eaten at Lavender? How would you compare it to Lotus Blossom or Chang An in Concord? We're looking for good basic Chinese.


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  1. Lavender is far superior. We live in Sudbury, and enjoyed Lotus Blossom for years before Lavender opened. But Lavender is our hands-down favorite. The food is more consistent and fresher tasting, and the service is personal. Favorite dishes: wonton soup, salt and pepper shrimp, mu shi pork, sichuan string beans, lobster with garlic.

    1. Asian gourmet next to Pappa Razzi is superb Taiwanese.