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Dec 22, 2013 02:59 PM

Going to be in Tucson for a week over Christmas w kids 6 and 9...need recs for kid friendly and relatively cheap eats (without resorting to greasy chains). Thanks!!

Any help appreciated!

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  1. Could you be a bit more specific? Any foods the kids like/dislike? Where in town you're staying? How far you're willing to drive?

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      Sure. Kids are kind of picky but will eat Mexican, Indian food, American kid food, etc. we're staying at La Paloma (so ?north) and will drive I guess ? 1/2 hr Thanks!!

    2. I live near La Paloma, so here are some places I'd recommend in the area:

      Vero Amore (on N. Swan and Fort Lowell) has decent pizza and is large and family-oriented.

      El Charro has several locations, but the one on N. Sunrise and Kolb is near you, not expensive, and kid-friendly.

      Fini's Landing, on N. Swan is a very popular beach-themed place where kids are welcome.

      Shlomo and Vito's is a New York style deli (on Sunrise and N. Cambell) that is large, family-friendly, and quite reasonable.

      Zinburger, on River Road just west of N. Campbell has great burgers and shakes. It's more expensive than a chain burger joint, but you may think it's worth it.

      I hope you enjoy your visit!