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Dec 22, 2013 02:26 PM

Chinese delivery on Xmas Eve?

Had trouble last year ordering Chinese for delivery to the Plateau on Christmas eve. Any idea of who is open, who takes orders and/or who (is delicious & that) we could leave an order with in advance?

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  1. best thing is to call your favorite ones and ask or see with delivery co like a la carte if they are open‎

    last option but expensive have a cab deliver your meal.

    1. So I ended up ordering at Kanbai Chinatown and driving to pick it up.

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        1. re: maj54us

          I don't know how nikkori's meal was, but I also had takeout from Kanbai Chinatown a couple of days ago and it was excellent. Some of the best mapo tofu I've had, among other things.

          Really a big step up from the previous time I tried the place.

          1. re: maj54us

            Kanbai is always pretty great! (And it was.) Numbing cabbage, flavourful eggplants, guilty pleasure sesame beef, some good beef & wide noodle, etc etc.

        2. The original comment has been removed