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Bouli Bar [San Francisco]

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Maybe I'm reading this wrong out of my own bias in favor of the place or I just have a different internal sense of the star system, but I really don't get it.

Sounded like there were aspects of Bauer's dining experience that warranted some demerits.

But the quality of the praise that was eloquently and deservedly rendered surely seems to translate to more than two stars for the food and two and a half over-all (I might dip down to the "one" or "one-and-a-half" range for service--the rating that that pulled down the over-all score--if the server, say, spilled hot soup all over my dining companion and shrugged his shoulders and went out for a smoke).


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  1. It's 2.5 for the food and 2 overall.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      thanks for catching that--and sorry for transposing

      (the points I was trying to make,based on correct marks).

    2. This blog post from Boulette's/Bouli has been getting press attention this week.

      In essence, the proprietors are letting us know that business is off and to please patronize them.

      "...At Boulibar, the evening service and casual happy hours, await your laughter and presence. Please come in. We are near lonely most nights and the beautiful food is incomplete with your enjoyment...
      Let us know how we can reinstate this Larder as a destination for you while shopping for home when at the Ferry Building."

      So often I've felt remorse to learn of a restaurant going dark with no warning. I was glad to get some warning before it was too late. Other reactions?

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        For me, most of the issue has to do with the Ferry Bldg market hours. I would think the whole point of paying the Ferry Bldg real estate prices is to benefit from foot traffic driven by shops but all activity ceases at 6p. The emptiness isn't very inviting for casual dining.