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Dec 22, 2013 01:48 PM

Saint George Bistro, Hastings

Have any hounds dined here yet? Located in the old Buffet de la Gare site, and reviews in Westchester magazine look terrific (fwiw). Thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately, you cant go by Westchester magazine, IMO. The tend to review well to advertisers. I'd be interested to try it though.

    1. We've been twice; once for restaurant week and just the other night. The food is fantastic; great portions, really delicious. The menu is rather small so you could get burned out with repeated visits I think, but it's absolutely worth going. That being said, the service is not great. The guy at the bar, at least when we were there, I think is a manager, but NOT a bartender. Super nice, but not the finesse of the magician at Harper's, for example.
      Our recent server needs to relaaaaaaaax. Kind of stiff, not comfortable, then standing and waiting for us to stop talking instead of doing the 'these people are yapping up a storm and I will check back in a minute to see if they need another drink' etc.
      We'll absolutely be back but I wish I could give them an afternoon seminar in the art of waiting tables!

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        We had the same experience. Food was lovely, service was friendly but inexperienced.

      2. Any more reports? I am curious but I really disliked Harper's (same people) in Dobbs so I'm skeptical too. THe menu is not thrilling ... and $35 for a cheese plate with 5 cheeses?

        1. I've been there a few times. Good food, nothing mind blowing. Decent prices. Wines by the bottle are good deals.