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Dec 22, 2013 01:44 PM

Golden Chow Mein on W. 7th

I found an old thread from 2009 with a couple of positive comments about Golden Chow Mein, but that was it. Anyone been and have an opinion? Looks like very American Chinese, but if we go in expecting that, will we come out happy?

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  1. it is a west seventh place ( a bit run down) but has good food I think you will do fine.

    1. We've been several times; we live not too far away. Golden is American Chinese cuisine, and, as zwfp infers, no shining star for ambience. You can while away your wait figuring out what kind of restaurant it was in earlier days.

      The "Economy Chow Mein" aside, the ingredients are fresh and not cooked to mush. A little too much cornstarch for my taste, but that's more of an esthetic preference than a negative on flavor. The menu is limited, but I know they don't like to prep/cook menu items that don't sell, so that's not entirely bad.

      We've never had anything dodgy there. And the prices are decent. I'd rather go there than to Dynasty down West 7th or to Kim's Kitchen on Randolph (similar quality but more expensive). Don't set your sights for a "cuisine experience" and you probably will come out happy.

      1. Golden Chow Mien (or as we like to call it, "You Call?!") is one of our faves for Am-Chinese.

        The owner at the front desk is a hoot, and probably succeeds as much on her personality as on the food.

        Don't expect much ambiance - but the food is pretty solid quality wise, and the prices are more than fair.

        The "Special" Chow Mien (made to order), the Sesame Chicken, Lo mien, Egg Rolls, and Pork Fried Rice are all standouts for us. Honestly tho, we've never ordered anything that we haven't liked.

        This isn't haute cuisine - It is what it is, but it's certainly better than many of the local competition.