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Dec 22, 2013 01:15 PM

24 hours in downtown

I'm flying into Atlanta in a couple weeks to meet an old college buddy and see a concert at the Fox Theater. Will need a decent lunch, pre-show dinner and drinks, and post-show drinks and some sort of pub-grub snacks. BBQ would be great. Won't have a car -- any suggestions within walking distance (1.5 mile radius) of the theater? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Fox is in Midtown, not downtown. Ecco and Empire State South are within your desired distance. Do a search on here for "Fox" and "Midtown" to find other threads with more suggestions.

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      Thanks, and sorry about mixing up downtown with midtown. My memory of Atlanta as a kid (30 years ago) is no real there there -- just a bunch of overweight rednecks driving their trucks along the strip looking for the nearest Hardee's. Glad to see that a food scene, with attention to sourcing ingredients, is emerging.

    2. Publik Draft House is right next door. Should fill one of your requests.

      1. Bocado is a block away and has free parking as well-Very good italian,also have indivdual pizzas whixh are good as well-It gets crowded before a Fox event,so id get there 2 hours before curtain time

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          Think Bob means Baraonda, not Bocado.

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            man im getting old thanks Ted--we had just gone to Bocado for their lobster rolls excelent hope you are having a nice holiday