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Dec 22, 2013 12:04 PM

The Williams-Sonoma store in Chandler is closing its doors

W-S in Chandler will be closing, employee told me it is because their lease will not be renewed ......... Everything in the store is discounted 20% but there is no signage to alert shoppers to this fact. Yes, some items are morked "20% discount taken at the register" but ALL items are discounted.
NB: all sales are final with no returns possible, even at other W-S locations according to the same employee.

The really good new is that Sur la Table will price match the W-S and still have in-place the SLT 1 year return policy. I have just splurged on a new Breville FP and KA stand mixer. The newbies replace a 40 year old Cuisinart FP and KA stand mixer dating from the 1930s. RIP two dear old friends who have given honorable service for more years than I ever expected. Anyone needing to update/replace some $$$ gear might want to take advantage of this.

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  1. My only issue with that is that I find most W-S stuff probably 20% overpriced so you're getting it for what you'd pay elsewhere. I'm sure that's a too broad statement and hopefully people will find plenty of good deals. Just sayin'.

    1. As a Chandler resident I was sorry to hear this news earlier this week. While this works out well perhaps for SLT, who will pick up business from people not willing to drive to Scottsdale or Biltmore, I think it's a bad sign for the mall and Chandler retail in general.

      I'm waiting til Thursday to swing by and check out what's marked down. W-S typically has big markdowns day after Christmas and with the store closing in January, I imagine the deeper markdowns will start then. There's nothing I really need but I still won't be able to resist checking!