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Dec 22, 2013 11:57 AM

Gluten Free bulk-goods?

Where to get Gluten Free flours, startches and Gums (Xanthan and Guar)besides Berkeley Bowl or Whole Foods?

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  1. Rainbow in SF has a big bulk section with some things I have not seen elsewhere.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Rainbow's great but if cross contamination is an issue for you (celiacs will often react to bulk items because scoops have been shared etc) it's better to stick to the packaged stuff.

      1. re: bdl

        If you want a lot, you can buy a whole bag.

    2. Are you wanting bulk for price, flexibility or price?

      Best prices (but cross-contamination ? I am celiac and have been OK but many are scared:

      White rice flour - Thai brands from Asian grocery
      Besan - Indian grocery

      All-purpose blends - Trader Joes and Costco (Bob's Red Mill). Costco also has almond meal.

      Whole foods has best prices on Millet or Sorghum flour, and competitive for Xanthan and basic all-purpose blends, believe it or not. Safeway now carries a store brand all-purpose blend, and Nob Hill/Raleys often puts them on sale.

      But honestly I usually order online. I watch Gilt for sales on Cup 4 Cup 25 lb. bags, use Amazon for other things in bulk.

      1. Maybe at El Cerrito Natural on San Pablo Ave between Panama and Sacramento Avenues. Their phone number is (510) 526-1155.