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Dec 22, 2013 09:36 AM

Asheville Go-To dishes?

Alright, kids. It's been awhile since we've done one of these. Give me your go-to dishes at some of your favorite Asheville restaurants. I'll start:

Admiral: sweetbreads, scallops
Sunny Point: huevos rancheros
Ben's Tune-Up: ramen bowl, Ben's Burger
Wicked Weed: fried chicken sandwich with miso mayo and kimchee
El Kimchee: taco trio, bibimbap
Imperial Life: Ancient Mariner cocktail
Storm: Mai Tai, roasted cauliflower app.
Limones: ceviche, blood orange margarita
Curate: fried eggplant with honey and rosemary
Doc Chey's: Thai red curry, kung pao shrimp
French Broad Chocolate Lounge: pots de creme
Rocky's Hot Shack: chicken and waffles
White Duck: Bangkok Shrimp taco, Korean Beef taco
Blue Kudzu: rueben sandwich with kimchi, duck rolls
Over Easy Cafe: Lavender French Toast, Sunburst Omlet
Urban Orchard Cider Co.: dip trio, Dry Ridge cider
Seven Sows: buttermilk fried chicken, Tobacco Road punch
12 Bones: blueberry-chipotle ribs, corn pudding
Chocolate Fetish: Ancient Pleasures truffle
Plant: Jerk Black Lentil croquettes
Nine Mile: Nine Mile with jerk chicken
Papa's & Beer (Brevard Road only): Mexico City tacos, carnitas torta

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  1. Cucina 24 ~ amazing waygu beef tartare last week!

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    1. re: NANCY

      I need to try that place, esp. since Elliot Moss just called it his favorite Asheville restaurant.

      Oh, and the pig's head meatloaf at Seven Sows is sublime.

    2. Fun!

      To start, a new hit in my book - Pizza Pura. We ate there for the first time this week...and then ate there the next night too! Their Funghi pizza is to die for.

      Curate: croquettes, tortilla w/ chorizo at brunch
      Seven Sows: charcuterie plate
      White Duck: carnitas taco
      Homegrown: fried chicken biscuit w/ honey
      Greenlife: Tahini dresssing from the salad bar
      Storm: Devil's Oasis cocktail
      Tupelo Honey: Pimento Cheese Dip and mashed cauliflower
      Luella's: wings
      Ambrozia: charcuterie plate
      Avenue M: burger
      131 Main: cornbread
      Gypsy Queen: falafel sandwich

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      1. re: miss piggy

        We've only done Pizza Pura once, right after they opened, and were underwhelmed. I guess we should give it another shot. I need to try Gypsy Queen, too. What/where is Avenue M? (BTW, you MUST try the burger at Ben's--ground pork and beef, white kimchi, smoked cheddar, miso glaze. I think it's the best burger in Asheville right now.)

      2. New favorite added to list last night ~
        Isis ~ Clams & Pork Belly in a spicy sauce, yummy!

        1. Asheville Sandwich Company- Pork Belly Bahn Mi
          Isa’s Bistro- Kung Pao Cauliflower
          Smashbox Food Truck- Yucca Fries, Steak Sandwich, Fish Tacos
          Gypsy Queen Cuisine- Goat Tacos, Fried Cauliflower
          Cucina 24- Fried Okra, Cuban Banh Mi from late night menu
          Bull and Beggar- Beef Tartare
          Rhubarb- Crispy Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower, Lamb Ribs
          Curate- Fried Eggplant
          Jose’s Vending- Pulled Pork Burritos, Steak Quesadillas
          Punk Wok- General Tsao’s Brussel Sprouts
          Seven Sows- Fried Chicken
          Luella’s- wings
          UJoint’s- Steinbeck Burger
          All Souls Pizza- Ham and Egg Pizza
          12 Bones- Hogzilla

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          1. re: citizenthymes

            Nice list! Ate at Punk Wok for the first time last night, and those sprouts are indeed awe-inspiring. We also loved the earthy minced lamb dish with Szechuan peppercorn oil and the Chinese Five-Spice ribs (though shoestring potatoes are difficult to eat with a fork much less chopsticks.), fun, fun. So much, in fact, that I'm kind of wishing Chef Moss would ditch the BBQ joint plans and make this pop-up his regular gig instead.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              WHAT!!!!???? How did I miss out? What is how long is it popping?

              Also, what/where is blue kudzu?

              How recently have you eaten at Ben's? What do they have now? All their Facebook entries are about booze and only booze, so I've been concerned that food might not be a priority under the new chef. Thoughts?

              Thanks for helping me try to keep up to date!

              p.s. I'm still amazed that people like that eggplant at Curate. Maybe they had some sort of kitchen accident when I ordered mine, but it was nothing but a grease sponge w/ good honey on it. Seriously, maybe it was an off day, 'cause since having the amazing, creamy-inside fried eggplant at G'ville's food truck Neue Southern, I have realized how amazing fried eggplant can be.

              1. re: danna

                Punk Wok is at MG Road on Wall Street on Monday nights from six "until the food runs out." I suggest going early rather than late. It was a madhouse by the time we departed at 7:30.

                Blue Kudzu is in the former Magnetic Field location in RAD, just down from The Junction. House-made sake should be brewing soon!

                The new chef at Ben's is a former Admiral sous chef and A-B Tech culinary grad. Great burger. Fun apps. And lots of new platters to share, including Pu Pu and Chili Crab. Service has improved, too.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  Thanks, will definitely give Ben's another try for that burger...sounds amazing. How does that place work in the winter? Roof and heat lamps?

                  Avenue M is a neighborhood bar on Merrimon. Good food and brunch.

                  I read on Ashevegas that Moss ditched the BBQ plans and currently has nothing in town on the horizon other than the pop-up: "It’s a big deal that top Asheville chef Elliott Moss is still professionally homeless after leaving The Admiral and Ben’s Tune Up. Keep your eye on Moss in 2014, both as a pop-up chef at Punk Wok in the MG Road space on Mondays and as a supper club chef, and for whatever else he has up his sleeve."

                  1. re: miss piggy

                    That *IS* weird. I wonder if he needs direction....perhaps being more comfortable as chef and less as restaurantuer? What a pity.