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Dec 22, 2013 08:51 AM

Food pairing with Aubert Chardonnay

Hi, I'm feeling uninspired with menu planning for Christmas Day lunch. My husband and I will be opening a bottle of this lovely Chardonnay for lunch and I need menu ideas. The complication is that my husband doesn't eat seafood or mushrooms. Please pass along any suggestions and thanks in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Okay, if no seafood then just think:

      Chicken... almost any vegetables (especially asparagus and artichokes).... cream.... garlic.... butter... smoke.... alfredo.... hollandaise.... eggs... walnuts.... Cheese course of brie, chevre, gruyere and comte....

      You can juxtapose any of the above and come out brilliantly... for example: garlic-marinated chicken cooked on smoky grill, with walnut dust.... served with grilled artichokes and asparagus, side of your favorite sauce above... hello, this is very hedonistic... when are we eating?

      Please report back

      1. Roast pork or tenderloin, pasta alfredo or pasta carbonara, pasta salad, veal with cream sauces, roasted chicken, grilled chicken, cobb salad, grilled vegs., mushroon soup, acorn squash soup,

          1. veal chops in a cream sauce would be divine for a holiday dinner, and great with the wine.