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Dec 22, 2013 07:36 AM

Milk, eggs and other products delivered from the farm to your door in Chester County

I live really close to the Baily Farm in Pocopson Township, and stop by regularly for milk and half & half. I was there yesterday and picked up a card advertising what I believe is a new delivery service. It's called Fresh Express and it offers "home delivery of farm fresh Chester County products."

They operate in southern Chester County and they deliver:
Milk (white and chocolate), half and half, and butter from Baily’s Dairy
Eggs from Wickersham Farm
Apples, cider, and applesauce from Barnard’s Orchard
Pies from Northbrook Marketplace

They say more products will be added in the future.

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  1. How interesting. I've been ordering occasionally from Fresh Direct in Philadelphia, which has a lot of pluses, including featuring 'local' produce and meats from NJ and PA farms.
    Another plus is excellent packing and delivery service.
    ]Because I have taken advantage of 'free delivery' packages
    at minimal cost, I've never had to pay for delivery, which is a very good thing.

    However, while some purchases are relative bargains, most are not. Even the Chairman's Specials can be quite pricey
    compared to competitors. But, careful shopping can be a big help. I know I would never make routine orders of most of my food from Fresh Direct.

    Mostly the quality has been as described, and quite satisfactory. A couple of times quality was way off, but a simple phone call resulted in an apology, a thank you for letting them know, and a full refund on my next order.

    What you write about may be a local competitor to Fresh Direct, in which case, disregard my comments, but they
    still could be useful to you. For sure, you would pay more than direct purchase from Baily Farm.

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      I'm not personally familiar with Fresh Direct, but my impression is that it's meant to eliminate the shopper's need to go into a bricks and mortar market. Fresh Direct delivers a range of groceries, many of which are neither locally grown nor produced. Fresh Express, OTOH, at least as it appears today, focuses on delivering a limited selection of locally produced foods into local households. Yes, the prices for delivered goods are higher than buying directly at the source, but not outrageously so. I pay $4.00 for a quart of half & half at Baily's Dairy; Fresh Express charges $4.50 for it.