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Dec 22, 2013 07:05 AM

Hangaw or Franchia or Kajitsu

both are sister vegetarian/vegan restaurants in NYC. Has anyone been to them, I just learn about them from Adam of Cinnamon Snail truck.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's no comparing kajitsu with hangawi. Kajitsu is really a special place, while hangawi is really just a vegetarian restaurant. Haven't been to franchia.

      1. I would not call Hangawi "just" a vegetarian restaurant - Franchia, yes. But Hangawi is one of the best Korean restaurants in NYC, vegetarian or not. Franchia is more of a casual cafe. Those two are from the same owners - Kajitsu is not part of the same restaurant family.

        But Kajitsu is a step up from Hangawi, certainly. Both great places, just aiming for different things.

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          My sole experience at Hangawi wasn't compelling enough to bring me back. My wife, born and raised in Korea, also felt it wasn't worth returning to. Worth mentioning that it was six or so years ago. It couldn't have changed for the better.

        2. Haven't been to franchia.
          Hangawi is amazing, not as cheap as most of k-town, but worth it. The rice baked inside of bamboo is delicious.
          Kajitsu is $$$ and like already said a very different experience.
          Either would make some veggies very very happy- just depends on the budget/experience you want.

          1. Haven't been to Hangawi even though I've always wanted to becuase we always end up going to Franchia instead.

            Both Franchia and Kajitsu are wonderful, but quite different. If one's perspective is the universe of vegan restaurants (and not all restaurants) comparing them -- for a vegan -- would be like comparing Le Bernadin to Shun Lee Palace or something like that.

            I haven't been to the new location of Kajitsu but had several dinners at the former location. Dinner was always a full evening out -- about two hours. Every bite of each of the multiple courses was exquisite. The food is unique (a specialized form of Japanese temple vegan food with a special form of service).

            We go to Franchia frequently for lunch. The food is more or less comparable to the other top-notch vegan restaurants such as the Candles and Blossoms. The decor is lovely.