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URGENT!!! Need to buy a cookie press today, 12/22/13

I need one for tonight so online is out of the question.Can anyone recommend a good one I might find near 06850 @
Bed Bath & Beyond?
Home Goods ?
Is the OXO press any good?


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  1. You'll have to either pick up the phone and call, or (shock!) get in the car and go visit the stores.

    I wouldn't include Home Goods, only because their inventory is strictly the luck of the draw, while the rest are more likely to keep things like cookie presses in stock.

    1. Take cash and go to Target if is available to you. After the card fiasco, they are giving everyone 10% off.

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        I'm guesing that after the discovery of the fiasco, Target is probably now one of the safer places to use plastic.

      2. I'm going to pickup this one @ Bed Bath & Beyond. It had better reviews than the Oxo but neither was stellar. Never having used one of these devices I wonder if anyone can recommend an optimal dough temperature to work with? I made a large batch of butter/sugar Christmas cookie yesterday that's sitting in my fridge @ 38 F. I can put an internal thermometer in the dough on the kitchen counter to warm. Any cookie mavens care to offer an opinion? Thanks!


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          a thermometer? You're thinking WAY too hard.

          It needs to be warm enough to flow through the forms, and cook enough to hold its shape.

          Funny how generations of people have created cookies from a cookie press, with no thermometers. (or refrigerators....)

        2. Especially if you have never worked with a cookie press before, I'd recommend using a dough specifically intended for making spritz cookies. It's not just a question of temperature but also the ratio of fat to flour; if the dough I too fatty it will not extrude properly. The basic Wilton recipe is very good, with a pronounced almond flavor from the extract.

          (The instructions for my ancient Mirro specifically state not to refrigerate the dough but don't know how that translates to the model you are looking at.).

          1. I bought the OXO this year and love it. Bought at BBB with the 20% off coupon they mail out.

            I've bought a great many cookie presses over the years and I'm having a ball using this one.

            I use the Wilton base recipe for Spritz cookies and doctor it up with nuts, flavors, colors, etc. per batch.

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              I agree the Wilton recipe is very good. I often swap out the almond extract in favor of orange, lemon or vanilla. Whatever floats your boat. :)

            2. I used the basic Wilton recipe and made a triple batch of dough Saturday. On Monday I pulled it out of the refrigerator early in he morning and let it sit @ room temperature until 4:00 PM. I filled my new Wilton cookie press and it did not work very well so I rolled the dough into logs and sliced them. nexrt time I won't refrigerate the dough.

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                au contraire -- your dough should be a little on the cool side (NOT cold), as if it's at room temperature all day, not only are you risking bacterial contamination (eggs and butter...), but it will tend to ooze, rather than form properly.

              2. The very best place to find cookie presses, IMO, is the Goodwill. Of course that doesn't help you now, but if you are less than impressed with the one you bought, keep a lookout for a vintage set in box at the Goodwill. If I ever buy another press, I'll get one there.

                Merry Christmas all you great 'Hounds!