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Dec 22, 2013 06:31 AM

Bar pitti

Wanted to know if this place has a bar area to eat solo. Thx

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    1. there is no actual bar, but the seating is very casual's perfectly fine for solo diners, esp during offhours, though you will be at a table...

      Food is great...i recommend ordering off the chalk board rather than the regular only...

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      1. re: Simon

        The rigatoni pitti is great though

        1. re: Simon

          I have never dined solo there. I often dine solo, but never think of Bar Pitti as conducive to solo dining. However, the off hours suggestion makes sense. The place gets so packed, I'm not sure when off hours are though. In the warmer weather they line up outside.
          As far as the food goes, I love most of the dishes. The mussels are great, I like their meat balls, and once I had an amazing pasta with lobster meat. I've never seen that offered again, but if i do I will surely order it.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            late afternoon weekdays are usually slow/mellow, esp in winter...people think of it as a summer restaurant, but it's actually a lovely place to watch the snowfall from a seat by the windows...

            1. re: Simon

              ahhh watching the snowfall, eating my meatballs. I like it!