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Dec 22, 2013 06:21 AM

New Orleans at Christmas

I've been on a much anticipated meandering road trip the last week and am scheduled to hit New Orleans on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Since it's the holiday a lot of the places I wanted to try are closed (The Joint, August, Cochon) and of the ones I'm finding open, none are enthusiastically endorsed by the folks on this site (And I definitely trust the Chowhoundrers - been quietly following and trying recommended restaurants to great success!)

Anyone out there spend time in New Orleans around this holiday and maybe know some local secrets that aren't posted on the city websites?

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  1. Try the link I have pasted here - it gives a full list of restaurants open on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
    In case the link does not work go to "" there is a tab at the top for "holidays". Just be prepared you will probably need reservations at most or all, also do not hesitate to sit at the bar if the menu is to your liking.

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    1. For Xmas Eve you should be fine for almost anywhere. A friend just walked intoCommander's with a partyof three a fthousands of viewersew years ago without trouble.

      For Xmas itself, take what you can get. Even if I knew a Secret Spot I wouldn't pass it on confidentially within the view of thousands.

      1. If you are looking for something to do check out the lobbies of the Ritz and the Roosevelt. Both have beautiful X-mas decorations.