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Dec 22, 2013 05:02 AM

New recommendations for anniversary dinner, please!!!

We are excited to be heading to New Orleans, yet again, to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday, coming up in January. We haven't been in 3 years; we used to go once a year. This is also our last hurrah trip, as I am pregnant (no alcohol or raw oysters for me this trip :(). Last time we were there we did the August Friday lunch, which we plan on repeating for my birthday. We are a little stymied for our anniversary, which is three days before. Years ago we did Stella twice for our anniversary. While some dishes were very good, others were underwhelming, and the service was rather stiff, so we don't plan on returning.

I know August would top many people's list, but since we are doing Friday lunch for my birthday, we want to do something different for our anniversary. We really like the look of Clancy's menu, and we've never eaten there, but are afraid from what we've read in posts that it may be too loud and not feel like a special occasion. We don't need it to be ultra-formal service to feel special, but we want really good food and service that makes us able to feel like we are having a special time, not service that makes us feel like we are at any random dinner.

As I said above, I won't be drinking, so that isn't part of the deal for this occasion. We do like seafood and traditional NO food. We live in NYC, so can do other stuff whenever, but like to immerse ourselves in NO when there. I have never been to Commander's Palace, and know people recommend it for special occasions, but more recent reviews seem mixed. Also looked at Galatoire's, where I have never been but always mean to go but am not sure how it would be for us as first timers for our anniversary.

It's on a Tuesday, btw, and any recommendations would be very helpful.

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  1. Clancy’s would be a great choice. They have three different dining areas. The upstairs room is much quieter and would suit you well. Another recommendation would be Brigsten’s where you can ask for a more romantic table.

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    1. Ithink the little room up from the bar in Clancy's--which is just about the only place I eat in there apart from the bar itself--would be fine it catches noise from the bar but isn't as loud as the main room.

      Gautreau's might be a good idea, too.

      Galatoire's would be fine for anniversary.They'll sing if you want it. That will start a mini onslaught of "birthdays" but it will pass quickly.

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        See, I don’t think Galatoire’s is nearly as memorable if you are not drinking like the rest of the crowd.

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          Yes, I would be left out :). Funny; thanks!

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            I know why you say that---the crowd has become more raucous over the last 30 years---but I've often limited myself toiced tea or one drink. For me the place is more fun if you can be sentient and revel in your own pleasure Or, if you care to, enjoy the company of others (i.e. the whole room0.

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              Thanks, good to know. So would you recommend Clancy's more or Galatoire's for us for an anniversary, just so I'm clear? Thanks!

          2. Commander's would be my # 1 choice for an anniversary celebration...celebrated a big one there last year. Ask for the Garden Room, it will be beautiful at night overlooking the gardens. My favorite appetizer is the Shrimp and Tasso Henican. While they are famous for their bread pudding, I prefer the praline parfait.


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            1. I think the food at Commander's is not that good at night. I like to go for lunch during the week in the Garden Room. It's full of tourists at night & just not worth the money, IMHO.

              Galatoire's is more fun with more people. Food is definitely old New Orleans.

              I like Brigsten's a lot, but the food is also old New Orleans.

              For a really excellent take on NO food, but not as heavy, I love, love, love Coquette. It's my favorite restaurant. The service is superb, friendly, never rushed and the food is great.

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