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Dec 22, 2013 03:25 AM

Low Carb Cereals: Do they exist?

Keep looking for them. They seem to pile sugar and honey on just about every one that looks good/ interesting. Sticking with rice krispies or cheerios in the meantime. Not low carb particularly, but at least thry don't pile on sugars. What have you found?

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  1. Fiber One original has 25g carbs per serving, less 14g fiber, making net carbs = 11g per half cup (30g). Not great, and the first ingredient is whole grain wheat, but with no added sugar, in a pinch and in a hurry in the mornings, it will do. Compare that to Rice Crispies, which is 28g of carbs per 33g serving, no fiber and 3g added sugars; or Cheerios: 28g serving has 20g carbs, of which 3g fiber and 1g added sugar.

    1. Check out the Kashi brand. Several (can't remember which specifically) have 5 gm or less of sugar.

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        Agree on Kashi, and some of the Barbara's cereals (like the multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls) are low sugar, and not particularly carb-heavy.

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          Actually the puffins i eat every morning have just 5g sugar per serving and i think 5g fiber... No funky ingredients, all natural. Some kashi cereals have become a laundry list of mystery ingredients now- just gotta check the label

      2. No. They don't exist. Humans weren't meant to eat that stuff. It's the grains that will kill you.

        1. I make low carb granola. A little oat, lots of nuts, a little flax, chia, hemp. Some cinnamon, a bit of sugar free maple syrup or palm sugar. Bake it until crisp. Eat with either coconut or almond milk.

          1. What i have found are astonishingly expensive granola-type cereals that have really high calories- like 250 for a 1/4cup serving. That's the same as 2 1/2cups of rice krispies.

            Low carb breakfasts are more savory and egg-centric.

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              That doesn't surprise me - granolas tend to be a mix of grains (like oats) with nuts and seeds, plus some oil and liquid sugar to help crisp it up and bind it together, and maybe some dried fruit, and are pretty calorically dense, but much more filling than a cup of something like rice crispies.

              A low carb granola will likely get rid of the grains and sugar, and keep the oil and nuts and maybe fruit.

              A cup of nuts, by itself, is over 500 calories. A cup of flax seeds is over 700. Even a cup of raisins is 500 calories. A cup of rolled oats is about 300, by comparison. A tablespoon of oil adds another 120 calories.

              In terms of low carb - most non-granola breakfast cereals, sweetened or not, will be made primarily of grains, and will be high carb by definition. For lower carb, you're going to need to go to either granola/muesli like cereals (very calorically dense, and either expensive premium brands, or home-made) or go to cereals that are specifically made to be low carb, and are based on things like flax seeds, or soy protein rather than grains.

              Taste wise - I'm not sure you're going to find something that tastes like a classic breakfast cereal *and* is low carb without going the granola route.

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                I concurr with your last point, which was what i was also trying to say.....
                I'm pro-carb myself :)