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Dec 21, 2013 10:21 PM

Great Christmas dinner in NYC?

Hi everyone. My family and I are heading to NYC this Christmas season and are looking for recommendations on where to go for a lovely Christmas dinner. We haven't planned what date we would have it, but we're thinking sometime between Dec 23 and Dec 26. There's 6 of us and we're hoping a max of $50 per head as we're currently assuming Christmas dinner is expensive in NY (but the more cost efficient the better!) Got any suggestions?

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  1. For $50 a could have a great dinner in Chinatown.

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      How about for something in the realm of Italian or just, regular turkey and potatoes sort of Christmas dinner?

    2. At this point most restaurants will be booked for xmas day. Also having your dinner another day would give you more options that are not pre-fixe.
      This serious eats link gives you an idea of who is open and prices:

      For italian the 26th may be a good idea since most do a pre-fixe or will be booked for feast of the seven fishes on xmas eve.
      This thread has lots of italian recs:

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        Thank you all so much! The suggestions are super helpful!