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Dec 21, 2013 09:54 PM

San Antonio Kosher

We are considering a vacation/sightseeing trip to San Antonio TX, and were pleasantly surprised to see that there are kosher options available: Green Vegetarian Cuisine (Kosher, vegan, and Dairy) - 2 locations; Aroma Cafe (Dairy); and Shabbos
meat meals can be ordered from Chabad. Online reviews for Green, and Aroma have been very good. Haven't seen any for the Chabad meals. Any Kosher chowhounds care to weigh in on their food & travel experiences in San Antonio?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We had dinner at Greens in SA this summer. It's definitely worth the trip, if only for the amusement factor of the militant vegetarian attitude. First time in my life I ever had kale (liked it) though the salisbury "steak" was just ok. The rest of my group was more adventurous and happier with their food. The coffee was very good. There are two branches, we ate at the main one.

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        Greens has the funky/hippie decor that many veggie places affect. That's part of what makes it great because since your colleagues recognize the type, "militant vegetarian attitude" as SoCal Mother puts it, you can go there with a group from what ever project you're on San Antonio to work on. It's spacious, so you can sit and talk. The other thing that is good is the food. It really, truly is. Not enough to justify a trip to San Antonio, but if you have to go there, Greens is a pleasure.

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          Back from our 3 day getaway. Granted, we've been to other cities, where the river is a scenic centerpiece, but each has a unique flavor. We enjoyed the colorful S.A. Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio), particularly the barge tour, which was nicely naarated and informative, and took us beyond the more commercialized area. The history of the alamo was interesting; and a really unique Japanese Tea Garden, was a hilight, which woud have been even more magnificent in the spring.
          Now to the food: Green Vegetarian Cuisine, at both locations, was a fun surprise. As for the atmosphere/ambience, I would describe it as modern fun, and whimsical, even more so, at the Pearl Brewery location. We didn't experience the militant vegetarian attitude, as AdinaA, and SoCal Mother described. That description, had actually intimidated me a bit, before going there.
          Our menu selections were unadventurous (by our choice), and ranged in taste from so, so, to really tasty. At the Pearl Brewery location, we had the fried mushroom appetizer, portabella steak with carmelized onions, and eggplant parm on a bed of spaghetti. All were o.k., but disappointingly bland, and underseasoned, except for a tasty spaghetti sauce, and an included kale salad side, with a tasty asian? dressing. For dessert, we chose a a cookies and cream, from among their cupcake choices. It was chocolatey, creamy, and good.
          At the Alon shopping location, (two visits), we had the Big Nasty Burger, which was really good (The burger itself, tasted like a not particularly crispy falafel patty, but in combination with all the fixin's - melted cheddar, grilled onions, wham, and grilled mushrooms - it was really satisfying, and delicious; the Grilled Cheese and tomato sandwich, which, with two kinds of cheeses, and a yummy, crunchy grain toast, was probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had; great french frieds; tomato basil soup, which was more like a bowl of thick tomato sauce (very tasty, but not the soup, I might have preferred.) The "Hostess" cupcake, cream filled, and complete with white squiggle, was nice, and the carrot cake was o.k.
          As for the Aroma Cafe, which was listed as another kosher option, we arrived there to find it closed, and a sign on the shopping strip that the complex was for lease. There was a sign by Aroma, that said it would reopen mid February.
          Hopefully, we'll remember the lesson from now on, to call first.

          1. re: Bzdhkap

            Green in Houston has become our business go-to place. We are probably taking this week's business dinner there tomorrow night.

        2. PS Depending on where you are coming from, the "Stonehenge" model west of San Antonio is amusing and worth a short detour. The Alamo is interesting if you are interested in Texas history, but not really if you are not. The riverwalk is nice but not that different from similar things in other cities. All in all, we would not have made a special trip but we were driving through. Forgot to add a food comment to keep this Chow. The sodas on the Riverwalk are really REALLY overpriced. Buy beverages before you go.