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Dec 21, 2013 09:49 PM

Village Pizza Opening in Albuquerque

Great news for Albuquerque pizza eaters: Paco's International Smoked Cuisine on Rio Grande Blvd & Griegos has shut down, and a sign says Village Pizza will be opening there soon. I think Village Pizza in Corrales is one of the better Albuquerque metro area pizza places, so I'm psyched to have a branch opening so close by. (They have a pretty good-tasting whole wheat crust option, too. I think several people have posted asking where they might find that in past threads.)

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  1. Just a follow-up: While I've had some good pizza from Village Pizza in Corrales in the past, the Village Pizza in Albuquerque is pretty bad.

    We ordered a couple of times from them when they first opened, and found the pizza less good than at the Corrales location and the service awful, but we wrote that off to the fact that they were still ironing out kinks. Now it's been almost a year, and they're as bad if not worse. The pizza sauce and crust are still tasty, but they're very skimpy on toppings and the service remains abysmal. They never fail to get an order wrong or overcharge (somehow their carelessness never extends to under-charging), and the staff just seem irritated when they are told they've made a mistake.

    Too bad. If it were just a matter of dopeyness and disorganization, I might still order from there once in a while because they're so close to my house and have easy parking, but the lack of value and teenager-style arrogance make it not worth the trouble at all.