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Dec 21, 2013 09:34 PM

What do make for dinner on a Friday night?

My New Years resolution is to only eat out once a month (except for invitations from friends to eat out). I got an early start and I have not had food delivered or bought take out in about 2 months. What do you make after a long week when you are too tired to cook?

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  1. Couple of fried eggs with some hash browns.And a bottle of zin.

    1. My new resolve is not to order pizza out...there really isn't any by me locally that I truly look forward to eating. Instead, I'm going to make pies at home with store bought pre-made dough. I'll wait until the Cheese is on sale and my focus will be on white square pan pies or grilled in a Cast Iron Pan. I'll use up any vegetables and meats I have leftover....which will usually mean Sausage and Broccoli Rabe. I did this recently and it was 25% the cost of ordering take-out.

      I also like the idea of Omelets and Soup/Salad.

      1. Things that improve after "aging" in the freezer.

        Leftover lasagna, pulled pork or italian beef sandwiches. Lazy mommy's fish tacos (baked fish sticks wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves with sliced peppers, pickled onions, and a spicy tartar sauce) Brats on the grill in the summer.

        And some booze

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          I can't say enough how valuable the freezer is for such occasions. Leftovers that I am tired of, tired moving in the direction of disgusted, emerge weeks later from the freezer to glad cries of welcome. For Friday night if you're a family, pull a variety of has-beens from the freezer, heat everything (oven allows you to do them all at once), and set them up as a buffet (the greater the variety, the better, so it's not cheating to add deli coleslaw, bakery rolls, some baked potatoes, or whatever). People help themselves to their favorites. My now-grown children do not get nostalgic over past Christmas dinners but they still talk about Leftovers Night and have continued the custom with their own families.

        2. We often pull some soup or stew from the freezer, or a home made pizza crust.

          1. I'm sorry but I just had to snicker. Both in envy and ignorance.

            I live in BFE outside of a big city. We didn't even have a grocery store until a few years ago. I would love to reverse your resolution and order in more often!! Isn't that always the way. Curly haired people want strait. Strait haired people want curly.

            Anyway, when I am beat down from the commute and so forth, I always go for a baked omelet. I whisk up some eggs, add in cooked diced potatoes, cooked onions, etc. Place in pan and top with cheese(which will sink). Bake until barely set.

            The other "I'm tired and can't deal dish" is what I call baked eggs. Use leftover tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, or sauce out of a jar. Pour it in a pan. Crack a few eggs on top. Bake until the eggs are set to your liking.

            Both are great with garlic bread and a salad.

            I can't tell you how many times I've chosen this when I'm just bone tired.