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Dec 21, 2013 07:45 PM

Roasting 2 10 1/2 pound turkeys

Hi all. I'm roasting 2 10 1/2 pound turkeys this year for Christmas dinner. I have butterballs. They are not my favorites but that was all I could find in that pound range. I am also adding 2 legs to each turkey. I will have the turkeys side by side in 2 separate roasting pans. Dressing will be separate. I was not planning on putting anything in the cavities. I know not to pay attention to the pop up timers. What temperature should I set the oven at? Should I use meat thermometers? If so, where and what temperature? Should I cover the breast? I have done Alton Browns method but his recipe is for 14-16 pound turkeys. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. .Let me explain about the legs! I bought 4 small turkey legs and plan on tucking them right underneath each leg of the turkey

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      I think that may be a John Madden turkey.:)

    2. I roast turkey to an IT of 155. Some like it to 165. I'll defer to others for the other questions.

      1. This may help...

        at 250* you are looking at 10 minutes per pound, plus an additional 30 for the second at least a one hour hold at 140*.....approximately 3.5+ hours total

        110 + 30 = 140 minutes + 60 for a total of 200 minutes.

        Personally, I would add an extra hour just in case to be safe....holding is better than cooking up

        If you like moist turkey, 155, but the legs can go higher to 165*. Many do not like to see pink dark meat, but I'm fine with it....just like CO is.

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          Of course, great info.

          If you're inclined, please email me. Address in my profile.