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Dec 21, 2013 06:11 PM

Farewell, Dominick's

So, now that Dominick's is down to 75% off, has anybody scored anything great? One week to go.

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  1. Vanilla beans.
    I look for the pricey oddities not too many are thinking about. I remember also when a few of the stores were closing several years ago - I scored vanilla beans, saffron, a really nice balsamic vinegar, and KerryGold butter 75% off while I watched ppl competing for chef boyardee cans. I'm out of town, or I would have popped in a few to see what booze was left. I think it went to half off today. I'd hope to score some expensive stuff, but I bet that'd be picked through.

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      I'm with you, searching out bargains in the exotic. Wow, a box of Weetabix. In English murder mysteries people are always eating Weetabix for breakfast. Now's my big chance. Bulletin: don't bother. Just now I tried some. Mushiest cereal I ever ate. The pigeons in the park will get my Weetabix.