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Little Texas Bistro in Best of Austin list!

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For anyone who read my initial posting about Little Texas Bistro a few months ago (look on the Texas board on 8/10/05): we went back a couple of weeks ago, and the food is still outstanding. What's more, Chef Paul remembered us from our prior visit, which was an unexpected nicety. To top it off, they were just recognized in the Top 10 "Best of Austin" list in the Austin American-Statesman. And they just made my wife's and my personal Top 10 list, which includes such top restaurants as French Laundry and Avalon (Toronto).

In only two visits, Little Texas Bistro has become my favorite restaurant in Austin and the surrounding area. Make sure you check it out soon!

(And no, I'm not affiliated with the restaurant or the owners in any way, despite my utterly biased reviews here.)

- Greg

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  1. I'll second Greg's glowing recommendation of Little Texas Bistro. Chef Paul is not only personable, but his talent in the kitchen is unsurpassed. The service was impeccable throughout the night, the food was perfect in every way, and the wine pairings were sublime. Little Texas Bistro is truly a Central Texas jewel, and worth the short drive from Austin for an outstanding meal!