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Dec 21, 2013 05:41 PM

curing salt

I have given up searching for peameal back bacon in Montreal and have decided to make my own. It's actually quite easy but I need curing salt for the brine. It has many different names but is essentially sodium nitrite used in making all kinds of charcuterie. Any ideas where I can buy it? I live in the west end of Montreal.

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  1. Check out this thread:

    Pink Salt aka Saltpeter needed

    1. BTW, its not "essentially sodium nitrite".

      1. Its called pink salt for curing meat. I bought it online at American Spice:

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          Their shipping page doesn't mention shipping outside the US:

        2. they sell peameal bacon at Boucherie Westmount.

          1. To quote Zalbar from this thread

            Pink salt, instacure #1, saumurage 64, Prague powder #1 are all interchangeable. What I'm really referring to is a mixture of salt with 6.25% sodium nitrite. The reason people don't just use sodium nitrite on it's own is because of the very small quantities needed for curing meat, and in large quantities is toxic.

            It's actually not all that hard to acquire, it's just hard to find because it's called so many different things. Here in Montreal I can get 1kg bags of the stuff for under $5.

            In Toronto you can contact them at:

            BSA - Ontario
            5266 General Road, unit 18-19
            Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1Z7
            Display the map

            Phone: 905.602.9639
            Fax: 905.602.9654

            Though I find it easiest to just say you need the stuff for curing bacon. Saying instacure, or pink salt they were a bit confused up here, but once I explained what I wanted it was cake.. :

            I have not tried BSA Quebec (I'm still working my way through 5lb buckets of instacure#1 and #2), but you might give them a call

            BSA - Québec
            6005 Boulevard Couture
            Montréal, Québec, H1P 3E1
            Phone: 514.852.2719

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              You mentioned you can get a 1 kg bag for under $5 in Montreal. Where in Montreal are you getting it?

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                Note I did not buy 1kg under $5 (I'm still working my way through 2 5lb pails of instacure (#1/#2) that I purchased in the United States.
                It was chowhounder Zalbar who made the claim in another thread. I simply copied his post in "quotes".

                You might want to go to the thread I posted and ask Zalbar directly.
                From his post, I assume it was at BSA Quebec for which I already gave the coordinates.

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                  BSA in Quebec has it and any other curing salts and spices you may need.